Assessment of Mystical Experience

We are sponsoring research measuring students outcomes in a year-long program offered by The New Human University. Data is being collected from 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Students are being assessed along multiple dimensions, including: Inner Organic Technology, Sense of Coherence, Happiness, Goals, Depression and more. The purpose is to create a database and a validated New Human Assessment that is a composite of the above measurements.

Research on Well-Being

Higher Brain Living® (HBL) is a light-touch protocol designed to activate the neocortex of the brain which practitioners claim can increase wellbeing. Although studies have suggested that its component elements—light touch, focused breathing, and positive self-talk—can increase well-being for specific populations in specific contexts, no empirical research has occurred on its efficacy. This study is an important first step in establishing the efficacy of HBL in increasing well-being.

Seagull, D. (2022). Preliminary Research into the Effects of Higher Brain Living on Well-being. Advances, 36(2).

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