Who We Are

The New Human Research & Development Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded by Dr. Michael Cotton and Alison Ooms to apply scientific rigor to research and validate the methodologies and practices taught in the New Human University. We believe the key to changing the trajectory of humanity is through rapidly catalyzing individual development, and that it may be possible to correlate various stages of psychological development to brain physiology. The research conducted at The NHRDI is using real-world data collected from students enrolled in the New Human University utilizing the methodologies and practices. 


The New Human Research and Development Institute’s mission is to research the dormant potential in the human brain accessed by unlocking an emergent inner organic technology in the human body that we call salutogenesis. NHRDI will research the inner organic technology of salutogenesis and its potential for rapidly evolving the brain and mind. NHRDI will also research and measure the physiological states of the human brain through: (1) higher states of consciousness and (2) various stages of human development, including, but not limited to, psychological, social, moral, spiritual, and cognitive lines of development. NHRDI will then apply those findings to catalyze individual transformation that catalyzes large-scale positive social and cultural shifts.

Meet The Team



From a young age, Phoebe was intrigued by the balance of spiritual, physical, and psychological health. It was this passion that fueled her pursuit for degrees and certifications in naturopathy, herbalism, nutritional counseling, quantum nutrition, as well as respiratory conditioning, and fitness management. As the founder of Daywaneti she has synthesized this accumulated knowledge and spent over 30 years in organizational and individual holistic health transformation. Her curiosity blossomed into a lifelong drive and passion for optimal health and wellness including its applications specifically within change management. In her journey towards her PhD in Applied Psychophysiology, she focused more intensely on the interplay of neuroanatomy, spirituality, psychology, and philosophy in personal development and transition.



George has spent his life passionately helping others achieve their potential. He brings 25 years of experience as an award-winning globally recognized professional youth soccer coach, organization builder, and mentor. He has developed leaders and national champions with hundreds receiving scholarships to top universities. He has also helped lead teams within many different areas of business and currently works as a sales coach, performance coach, and mentor to top professionals. George is committed to NHRDI’s mission to support and develop research aimed at enhancing vertical stages of development in humans.







Board Member

Marty is an early adopter and change agent. She is a former corporate securities lawyer turned yogi when corporate America was not giving her the answers to the questions she was asking. Marty is an advocate for sane responses to systemic issues that cannot be found at the same level of consciousness that created the systemic issue. She is a pioneer on the leading edge exploring human potential. Marty believes in the Buckminster Fuller model of creating new systems that make the old systems obsolete. Marty also believes in the power of business as a force for good. She is the founder of The Good & True, a public benefit corporation with the mission to incentivize the transition from degenerative food and farming systems to regenerative food and farming systems.




Research & Development
Committee Chair

Dr. Fox has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Board certifications in art therapy and music therapy. She brings over 30 years’ experience as a clinician, supervisor and professor to her role as Chair of the NHRDI Research and Education Committee. She has served on many dissertation committees, and her own research has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. A faculty role with the New Human University focuses on teaching about Types in integral theory, through the lens of personality (the Enneagram). Dr. Fox completed the Praxis Alethia program in 2022 and launched her private practice, Art | Wellness | Enlightenment (AWE) in 2021. Other professional interests include archetypal psychology; consciousness studies; art-based approaches to treatment, supervision and research; psychedelic-assisted therapies; and ancient artifacts.


Engagement and Benevolence
Committee Chair

Maurits is a metaphysician, author, leadership counsellor, and founder of The Omnibenevolence Council. His deep studies in philosophy, world religions and spiritual traditions has allowed him to become a trusted advisor for clients in different sectors and industries such as health care, personal growth, professional development, and philanthropy. Maurits is known for creating omnidimensional Mind Maps that unlock the hidden potential of leaders to realize their vision. This creates a paradigm shift from work-life balance to fulfilling life work benevolence in a transformational corporate culture. His purpose is to elicit, enhance, and advance higher forms of wisdom for the benefit of humankind.


Secretary &
Membership Committee Chair

Sue is a facilitator of growth. She has helped thousands of people during her professional life, having transitioned from her earlier career as a mental health therapist to an executive and career coach. Not only has she started and run several of her own small businesses, she has guided other endeavors from startup to flourishing. Sue has worked in a variety of environments including higher education, medical centers, community agencies, and private enterprises. Her interest in spiritual and personal development began in adolescence and she has devoted her life to her own spiritual and personal growth. Sue earned her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.


Executive Director

Paul is an innovator and community entrepreneur with experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors as a strategic planner and turnaround professional. He is a cofounder and former director of two non-profit organizations and received his PhD in Economics from The American University in Washington, DC. His focus is to listen, observe, and apply holistic and systemic approaches to address complex social challenges designed to improve quality of life. Paul also has over 30 years as a trainer in leadership, transformational, and human development programs working with over 3,000 people. His personal mission is to explore and experience new ways to live, work and play together that are accessible, inclusive, and sustainable.


Virtual Project Assistant

Felipe is a 2022 Praxis Alethia graduate and practitioner seeking to master the stages of vertical human development. He is a former English teacher at Federico Santa María University in Santiago, Chile and currently serves as a virtual project assistant to NHRDI providing technical and marketing support. His skills include graphic design, teaching methodologies, organizational skills, social media and online technologies. Felipe is bilingual in Spanish and English and is a curious, independent learner. Currently, he is focusing on mastering and maintaining a series of online apps to advance the mission of NHRDI. Some of his interest include meditation, introspection, traveling, reading and cultural exploration.

“The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10,000 other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.”

Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist